My New Etsy Shop: Squirrel Seeds Seed Beads

Over the last month I have been working on a new side project: Squirrel Seeds!  I opened an Etsy shop! I am selling Toho brand glass seed beads. I was turned on to seed bead weaving a couple years ago when I worked at a bead shop, and have been slowly building my own collection ever since. I have been picking away at this project in my spare time from my other jobs

I am really excited about this because Toho is a high quality brand of seed beads. They are great for bead weaving because they are more uniform in size. They also have a larger hole in the middle, meaning that thread and needle can pass through more than once. Hundreds of colors are available, providing many options for all kinds of projects. I am starting out with about 30 colors in size 11/0, but hope to continue expanding as time goes on. So fun!

Click here to go browse my new shop, Squirrel Seeds.

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