Knitting until my arm goes numb, oh yay.

Well it has really been a long time since I’ve written here. I’ve done a lot. In January, I decided to go for it and set up an Etsy shop for my fiber arts in addition to the Etsy shop I opened in November. I have knit a whole bunch of hats and am working on the pattern. The downside is that I knit so much for so many days in a row, that now my left hand gets twinges of pain and starts to go numb when I knit. So not cool. It means I have to stop knitting for awhile. That’s kind of okay because it will force me to work on other aspects of the business.

The new shop is called Fox Fancies.┬áSo my shops are Squirrel Seeds and Fox Fancies. I like the woodland creatures. The first things I added to Fox Fancies were Chrikki Hats. That’s the name we gave to the hat you see in the picture there. It is the perfect earflap hat, filling the void where so many other imperfect earflap hats exist. I love it so much that I’m sure there are other people out there who will love it just as much. I have written up the pattern but need to edit it. I am also working on a baby version and it is SO ADORABLE AND TINY.

Yesterday Chris and I went downtown to drop something off at his office and we spontaneously decided to window shop. It started with a stop at Art in the Alley, a shop I hope to sell in someday soon, and ended up at the art glass store that is gorgeous. I want to learn glass blowing! They do classes but they are out of my price range for now.

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