The Dragons of Arethia Series

The series is almost complete! Read Book 3 for free on Wattpad now.

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Sticks & Scribbles Press

Sticks & Scribbles began as the name of my blog, and has also become Sticks & Scribbles Press, the publishing company under which I publish my books and knitting patterns. To get to know me, Nikki Bollman, a little better, you can also follow my blog here on this site.

Fairy Stories

Fairy Stories is a collection of five short stories in settings inspired by my hometown of Duluth, MN. Follow along as the characters capture fairies in a jar, spice up their gardening with tiny dragons that like peppers, and try to rid themselves of a fairy infestation in a yarn shop.

Get the whole collection with Fairy Stories, or sample a couple of stories with Farmers’ Market Fairy and A Fairy Yarn.

Sticks & Scribbles Blog

I created my blog as a place to share my knitting projects. That’s where the “sticks” in Sticks & Scribbles comes from. They’re knitting needles! The blog still has a strong knitting focus, but I’ve also begun to chronicle some of my outdoors adventures, and of course I post writing updates from time to time.

Knitting is back in my life

For the first three Wednesdays in November, I taught a knitting class that I had committed to before I’d injured my wrist. I hadn’t canceled, because I’d hoped that my wrist would no longer be in pain. By the night of the first class, my wrist was...

Chester Creek Trail Hike and Fall Fest

We made our hike count on Saturday, by doubling it up with one of our favorite yearly traditions, Chester Bowl Fall Fest. We always like to hit up the craft fair booths and snag some buttered corn on the cob, apple cider from a local orchard, and eat fair food like...

Fiber arts adventures, inspiration.

Working in a yarn shop, there are a lot of things I am tempted to buy every day that I work. On Friday, I finally gave in to the temptation to purchase the Wild Fibers magazine when the new issue arrived in our store. I also purchased a past issue I’d resisted...

So much to knit, so little time!

Ever since I started working at Yarn Harbor in January, it’s been a pretty nonstop flood of inspiration just being there. Every day there are probably five different projects that I wish I could cast on for right away. Unpacking boxes of yarn, seeing the...

Summer linen lace stole

After a spate of hot and humid days, we had a sudden change in weather yesterday, with gusty winds and overcast, but not rainy, skies. I’m not a person who appreciates hot weather much, so the winds were especially welcome for me. The dimmed sunlight and...