Short Story: To the Hatchings, Part III

This is part three of a three part story. If you haven’t read the first two parts, here are the links: To the Hatchings, Part I To the Hatchings Part II And now, here is the story… To the Hatchings, Part III by Nikki Bollman Although the innkeeper had... read more

Short Story: To the Hatchings, Part II

This is part two of a three-part story. Originally I thought it was going to be a two-part story, but it just kept going! So there is more to enjoy. If you haven’t read the first part, go here: To the Hatchings, Part I To the Hatchings, Part II by Nikki Bollman... read more

Short Story: To the Hatchings, Part I

I’ve been using short story writing as a way to elaborate on my world building. The bonus to using short stories for world building is that they also can be shared and enjoyed afterward 🙂 Sometimes my short stories tend to grow into longer stories, and that is... read more

Short Story: The Washery Mage

The Washery Mage: A Short Story set in Arethia Erzie is an untrained mage forced to work in Madam Deera’s washery so she and her mother can pay for her sister Emmie’s care. Emmie has mage talents as well, but because of them has succumbed to the dreaded mage sickness... read more

Short Story Collection: Fairy Stories

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve published another book. This one is a collection of short stories that I’ve written in the past year or so. A couple of them have appeared on this blog already, but the inspiration to compile them into a short... read more

Short Story: A Fairy Yarn

I’ve got a new short story for you! Anja can’t get rid of the fairies that have moved into the yarn shop. Signs of their mischief are everywhere, and Anja is afraid she’ll be blamed for it and lose her job. Each time she tries to destroy their nests... read more

Short story: Farmers’ Market Fairy

I remember our first Easter at our house a few years ago. It was a bit chilly outside, but we were comfortably warm in the sun. The grass wasn’t quite green yet, but it was all showing, at least. We sat on our deck out back and dyed eggs. This year, our backyard... read more

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Fate of Dragons

Dragons of Arethia, Book Three. Coming soon!

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