Dragons of Arethia Trilogy

Dragons of Arethia, Book One: Tesa’s Journey

Dragons of Arethia Book Three: Tesa's Journey cover. Three dragons flying toward viewer with sunset clouds in background and water below.Dragon riders hardly ever come to Enval, the small mountain town where Tesa lives. Yet she has dreamed of being a rider ever since she was a little girl, the last time the dragons came. One day, dragons fly over, and Tesa is the only one who can help an injured dragon. Leaving her farm and home behind, she agrees to travel with the dragon riders–for a bit. Yet a brush with dangerous rock dragons and vindictive mages drag her into the riders’ quest and bring her closer and closer to the city of Areth, capital of Arethia, and the place where Tesa has a chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a dragon rider.

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Dragons of Arethia, Book Two: Binding Magic

Dragons of Arethia Book Two Binding Magic cover. Dragon flying in front of blue sky over snowy mountains

After surviving being kidnapped by the Karume mage Berick, becoming a dragon rider, and discovering she was a mage, Tesa has a lot to adjust to. In between attending make-up magic classes, dragon training lessons, and simply learning her way around the big city of Areth, Tesa can’t help but try to uncover the secret behind the symbol-engraved stones Berick used to enslave her. With all her new dragon rider friends away from the city searching for the stolen egg and kidnapped guard, Tesa must find new friends and allies as she searches for the answer to the spellstones. What she finds may put her–and the dragons–in more danger than ever before.

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Dragons of Arethia, Book Three: Fate of Dragons

Dragons of Arethia Book Three: Fate of Dragons cover. Dragon flying above clouds in orange-colored sky.Dragons and their riders protect Arethia’s borders and keep peace within the land, along with the mages who work alongside them. Nobody knows why, but only women can bond with dragons to be their riders. But now, the dragons have been kidnapped by a mage who wants to change that, and the remaining dragon riders have to find out where he’s taken them. Arethia’s safety is now left to the mages, and Karume mages using the forbidden bound magic begin creeping into Arethia while the search for the missing dragons is stalled. Can Tesa and her friends bring the dragons back to Arethia before it’s too late? Will the Karume change the way magic is used in Arethia forever?

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Short Story Collections

Fairy Stories

Fairy Stories cover, old gray wooden planks on ground with dry leaves

Fairy Stories is a collection of five short stories in settings inspired by my hometown of Duluth, MN. Follow along as the characters capture fairies in a jar, spice up their gardening with tiny dragons that like peppers, and try to rid themselves of a fairy infestation in a yarn shop.

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