New Book Out Now! The Weyrdragon and the Fire Agate Necklace

I’m so excited I can finally announce my new book! I started this for NaNoWriMo in 2018, and well, it’s been a few crazy years since then, hasn’t it? This book is available now in ebook format, and I am currently working on a print edition.

A thief is stealing magic fire agate jewelry in the dock market, and the Mirella city mage guard thinks that Keveren Auberel did it.

Kev, the dockmaster’s daughter, must clear her name to remove the mage mark on her hand and be allowed to return to school. And she thinks she knows who is behind the thefts.

But when fires start breaking out in the dock markets, a boy goes missing, and dragon riders get involved, the mystery keeps getting stranger. Can Kev discover the truth without putting herself in danger?