Rumors of the Lyit Nyfin – a Novelette

Cover of Rumors of the Lyit Nyfin, features a person in a canoe paddling towards large tentacles raised up out of the water against a pink and orange sunset scene.

Tara loves magical creatures, but she hates having them in her shop. That doesn’t stop potential buyers from seeking her out.

When rumors of a rare, powerful creature arriving in Mirella reach her, Tara has to go to the docks to see for herself.

The magic she discovers there could destroy them all.

This tale set in Arethia dives into the magical creature trade and explores a day in the life of a character from the Keveren Auberel series of fantasy mystery novels.

Rumors of the Lyit Nyfin is my latest short story–well, it turned into more of a novelette, clocking in at just over 13,000 words. It could also be called a novella, at that length, but I think novelette sounds kind of cute! This story is currently only available to backers of my Kickstarter campaign for Stolen Magic at the Onami Fair. I just finished the cover for this story today, and there are still six days left to back the Kickstarter at any level and get this story plus the books in the Keveren Auberel series! Check it out!