Kickstarter for Stolen Magic at the Onami Fair is Live!

I just hit “launch” on my Kickstarter for Stolen Magic at the Onami Fair. The goal is $300 and the rewards include paperback and hardcover copies of Stolen Magic as well as The Weyrdragon and the Fire Agate Necklace, which is the first book in the series. You can also get a deal on all of my ebooks, including the Dragons of Arethia Trilogy, if you’re new to my books and want to buy them all at once!

Check out the Kickstarter here.

I’m so excited to be doing another Kickstarter, since it’s such a fun way to launch my books. I’ve also been so excited as a reader to use Kickstarter as a way to discover new authors and see what other independent authors are doing! There are some really beautiful hardcover editions of books and things like that. To find great Kickstarter fiction projects, go to Kickstarter and choose the Publishing > Fiction category to browse through. It’s so fun!