Seed bead photo shoot with new camera!

Summer Brights Sampler 3This month I added four new seed bead colors to my shop, plus added a sampler of the four colors together. I consider it a success, because I sold one of the samplers right away! Offering small tubes of custom color combinations as samplers is an experiment that seems to be working out. I always like to see the kinds of color combinations other people pick out, so it makes sense that I might be helping others in the same way! The colors remind me of popsicles, and beach toys, and flowers, so I named the sampler “Summer Brights.” It includes a tube each with 5 grams of beads in the following colors: Lime Transparent Rainbow Matte 164F, Ruby Hyacinth Transparent Rainbow Matte 165F, Light Sapphire Transparent Rainbow Matte 168F, Light Hyacinth Transparent Rainbow Matte 174F. It is available in my shop, Squirrel Seeds, by clicking here.

Although I received the beads earlier this month, I ended up procrastinating on packaging and photographing the Lime and Light Sapphire beads most of the month. I finally packaged them earlier this week, and had a little photo shoot yesterday. This photo shoot was special, because I have a brand new camera! Actually, it’s not brand new. It’s used, and older, but it’s new to me. Chris has been getting more and more into photography ever since he got this camera for his birthday in November. This summer, he’s been working as a second shooter for weddings for his friend at Max Caven Photography. He’s had to upgrade cameras, so he gifted me this one. Last weekend, at a sale, he got me a lens that can shoot macro! Apparently it’s not “true” macro, but I’m still learning, so I need to really figure out what that means.

Seed bead photo shoot 1One reason I’m so excited about this new camera, was that in the past I sometimes had trouble getting my little point and shoot camera to capture colors accurately. For the most part, it did a pretty good job, but certain colors it just couldn’t get right. Come to think of it, I have one package of seed beads that I never listed for sale because I couldn’t show the color properly. With this new camera, I have ways to fix all of that, whether it be expanded options on the camera or expanded editing options.

I’m also excited to have it because I’ve always been interested in learning more about photography and taking good photos, but have never had the chance to get into it. Now this will let me have a little fun with it!

I added some more photos of my seed bead photo shoot to my “About” page on Squirrel Seeds. Etsy’s “About” page is a great way to give a little more info about my shop and what I do, but I never had any good photos of my space. I still am jealous of people who have gorgeous studios to work from, but for now I am a kitchen table and desk sort of business. Check out the About page for Squirrel Seeds here.

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