Vintage finds: Smith & Corona portable typewriters!

A couple of years ago Chris and I began a vintage typewriter collection. It wasn’t really on purpose. We happened upon a cute teal typewriter at our local thrift store and thought it was cool. It worked & everything. The next week, we found an even older one, in a moss green matte metal. Both of them worked, and still had their cases and some other accoutrements. They’ve found their way onto display on our living room shelves.

On Friday, Chris found a Smith & Corona portable typewriter at the same thrift store, among some other cool vintage things. He is into vintage electronics, because he likes to bring to life old computers, and was excited to find a whole case of blank floppies. Inspired by his finds, we decided to hit up some garage sales this morning. We bought a paper and looked up this week’s sales, and an estate sale happened to be going on just one block down from us!

The first thing we found? A Smith & Corona portable typewriter for only $5. Beautiful.

Some pictures of our collection:

The old Olympia typewriter we found at the local thrift shop.
The old Olympia typewriter we found at the local thrift shop.











Photo Jan 12, 7 39 15 PM
The Hermes typewriter: our first find, and the beginning of our collection!

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