Baby shower gifts: Stackable Cats and Ella Funt sweater!

I meant to post about these projects a long time ago, but better late than never! A few weeks ago we attended a baby shower for two of our friends. The little guy will arrive in November. I got really excited to knit some baby stuff, and made him two gifts. It was really fun to knit these, and I was almost successful at judging how much time I’d need to knit them. I had all the knitting finished the weekend before the shower, and only had add buttons to the sweater and sew up & stuff the cats. Well, sewing those cats and adding all of their limbs took waaaay longer than I anticipated! I was working all Saturday up until we had to leave to go to the shower, and I still didn’t get the last cat done in time. I did get to finish him later, and Tashi graciously modeled his stackable-ness for me, as you can see above.

This post has actually taken me forever to finish, between procrastination for two weeks, and then trouble with pictures! Here they are finally.

This is the sweater:

Ella Funt Sweater

Details: Ella Funt by

I knit mine in KnitPicks Gloss sport weight.

The other two Stackable Cats:

Stackable cats!

Details: Stackable Cats from

I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes yarn for these ones. They are lightly felted, so washing a wool yarn shouldn’t be an issue (I hope!)


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