Free pattern: Thumby Armwarmers

There is not too much going on with my knitting around here. I have been knitting the armwarmers that I mentioned in this post and it’s been keeping me pretty busy! Now I’ve run out of my handspun yarn to use and have the itch to buy some more wool to spin. I’m resisting the itch for now. These armwarmers are a pretty basic pattern, but I decided to write it up and share it. Often, I knit armwarmers that are just a ribbed tube, with a hole for the thumb made by making a button hole. On these ones, I added a thumb using a gusset technique I learned from a basic mitten pattern I knitted a long time ago. I think the thumb adds so much to the armwarmers! I plan to sell these at the craft show I’m doing this fall. These are very basic, but I’ve decided to share my pattern for anybody who may want to try them.

The yarn I used is handspun that I spun myself. I do not spin regularly, so whenever I do take up spinning again for awhile, my yarn is irregular. I would say that my yarn that I used for these ranges between a fingering and DK weight, with a few blips here and there that are probably worsted weight. I used size 3 needles and it produced a nice fabric.

Click here to download a free PDF of the Thumby Armwarmers pattern. 

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