Duluth is a knitter’s city

Yesterday was June 1st, and the weather here in Duluth greeted us with mist, fog, and rain. Since April, people on my Facebook page and elsewhere have been griping about our unusually cold, wet, and snowy spring. I, too, have been anxious to begin my spring and summer activities, like having breakfast, sipping coffee and knitting on the deck, grilling, and gardening. We’ve had a few warm and/or sunny days. One day was very warm and humid, but there was no sun! The cool, rainy weather has affected me at work, too, since at the daycare we are supposed to spend most of the day outside, whether it’s in the backyard play area & garden, or walking to parks out in the community. The rain has disrupted our forming of a regular outside schedule so far.

Photo Jun 01, 5 08 17 PM

In light of all this cold weather, yesterday as I walked the dog on the cool, muddy trail next to the creek, that Duluth really is a good city for knitters. Personally, my favorite weather is in spring and fall, when I can wear sweaters, scarves, hats, and fingerless mitts all the time. So I enjoy walks on cool, gray mornings. The creek was rushing with water from the recent rain, and you can still see the changes to the character of the creek bed caused by last June’s flooding. A lot more of the gorgeous, smooth basalt rock is exposed now, and uprooted trees are still hanging out. One sideways birch had small green buds erupting all over it. I can see the wild raspberry plants growing now, too, and look forward to snacking on walks.

So, as excited as I am to finally be able to spend all my time outside and to not have wet deck chairs anymore, I am also enjoying the spring weather as it is. I think Gru is enjoying it too! He just won’t look at the camera.

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