Welcome to the new Sticks and Scribbles!

antique typewriterIn the past, I have treated this blog as a personal blog, with a little bit of writing and book news mixed in. As of June 2017, my blog and my website are transforming to reflect my new goals and a new purpose.

I’ve redone my website to truly be my author site. It’s now just called NikkiBollman.com instead of SticksandScribbles.com. Both URLs will get you to my site, and I’m keeping the name Sticks and Scribbles for my blog, and still publishing my books under the name Sticks and Scribbles Press, Inc. I’m going to begin posting weekly on my blog on topics related to indie publishing.

This website redesign and shifting priorities for my blog are spurred by one large external change: I’ve been laid off from my full-time job. After various considerations, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to double down on a few goals.

Goal 1: Finish my dang book!

As you may know, I’ve long been working on the third book in my Dragons of Arethia series, Fate of Dragons. The writing process for this has been dragging out for almost three years now. I’ve even been posting it chapter-by-chapter on WattPad as I edit, just so people don’t have to wait so long for me to finish. Well, Fate of Dragons will be published this summer, and I am serious about that!

Goal 2: Learn to code.

In addition to my writing goals, I am learning to code. As in, I am teaching myself web development skills. While I eventually hope to translate these skills into a job, for now I’m focusing on learning as much as I can and finding out where my interests lie. If you’re interested in learning about the resources I’m using or following along on my journey, I’m blogging along the way (yes, another blog). Check out nikkicodes.com.

Goal 3: Help other people publish books.

Finishing by book and learning to code are both pretty hefty goals. That’s not going to stop me from adding another. This is where the new topic of my blog comes in. I want to help other writers publish their work independently, if they so choose. I’ll be posting a weekly blog here on Wednesdays, and I’m going to use my current and growing tech skills to offer freelance services to writers. Check out what I can do on my Services (link) page.

So that’s it! See you next week for my first post about my indie-publishing journey.