Fate of Dragons is Almost Done

First of all, I just have to make a note about the blog post previous to this one. It was written as this big introduction to a new blog and new activities that I was doing, and then I had nothing. Why? Well, I got laid off from my full-time job last June, and I spent a lot of time preparing to freelance. Then, in my very last week of work, a job was posted at the university where I work that actually sounded like a great fit for me. Well, guess what, it was. I got the job and started in late August. Thus, my complete disappearance from my blog, which probably nobody reads anyway.

So yeah, here I am, writing a blog again, because I finally have some news. I am writing the last chapter of Fate of Dragons this week. Actually, there might be an epilogue, too, but really, I am actually really almost done this time.

As a reminder, you can read the current draft of Fate of Dragons on Wattpad. Once I finish, it’ll go into a final round of editing, and I’ll also put it up for preorder. I am so excited to be finished with this book. It’s my longest one yet, and it has really been a learning experience about being a parent and still making time to be creative. I’ll probably blog about that sometime.