Our new family member, and Fate of Dragons on Wattpad

Welcome, Ingrid!

In early December, we welcomed our newest daughter, Ingrid, to the world. I have been floating in the la la land of maternity leave, where time hasn’t quite seemed to move the same way it usually does. It’s an odd combination of feeling busy while at the same time feeling completely unproductive. Camping out on the couch breastfeeding is punctuated by short bursts of house cleaning, paperwork, or errands, and the days seem to slip away.

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Progress on Fate of Dragons

When I started writing Fate of Dragons, book 3 of my Dragons of Arethia series, I never imagined that it would take me this long to write. It took me awhile to adjust after going back to work full time, and my best-laid plans for writing were derailed when I got pregnant and fatigued. I find it hard to imagine how I’ll adjust and squeeze in writing time with two kids and a full time job now, but I will find a way!

I continue to slowly make progress on the third and final book in this series. To make up for how long it will probably be until the whole book is released, I am posting what I do have finished chapter by chapter on Wattpad. At this point I still consider it a work in progress, but am glad to have the chance to share it with you this way. Click the book cover below to begin reading Fate of Dragons on Wattpad.

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