Treasury Tuesday: Squirrels!

I am going to start posting Etsy treasuries on Tuesdays, and calling it Treasury Tuesday! I am not surprised to find that a google search for “Treasury Tuesday” reveals that I am not the only one who has ever had this idea. That’s okay, the more the merrier! For my first Treasury Tuesday post, I am going to highlight a treasury that I created back in December. It is titled “Squirrels!” I made this treasury partly because my shop name is Squirrel Seeds, and mostly because I love squirrels.

One reason I’m excited to share this treasury again is that I might get to feed baby squirrels soon! A couple of weekends ago I attended a volunteer training with our local wildlife rehabilitation center, and may get to start caring for animals soon. They said that they usually start new volunteers on the baby squirrels, because there are a lot of them and they are easy. Baby squirrels! They will be so cute.

Also, I am trying out this new treasury posting tool. It is a WordPress plugin that allows me to type in the treasury ID and then it posts the treasury in my post, with each item photo linking to the specific item’s page. That is nice! Previously, I had just taken screen shots of my screen on the Etsy page, and used the picture to link to the treasury page. I like this plugin much better.

I hope you enjoy this treasury full of squirrel-related crafts!

[sh-etsy-treasury treasury=”NzQzNDEzNHwyNzIxMDk4NjA1″ size=”small” columns=”4″ display=”complete”]

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