Knitting for fall craft fairs

This summer my goal is to knit a whole bunch of Chrikki hats, armwarmers, and other knitted goodies to sell at a fall craft show. When I sell at the show, I will also hand out business cards with the address to my Fox Fancies Etsy shop. I made a whole bunch of Fox Fancies business cards that I printed out and cut out already. I also plan to write up patterns and sell nice, color printed copies. ┬áThis is something I have wanted to do for years, and I am finally going to do it! I just have to make sure I can buy enough yarn and my arms don’t get sore from knitting too much!

One thing that is difficult is finding the right system to be more efficient. I don’t know if it really is possible to streamline the knitting of hats, but I know that right now it takes quite a while to do one hat. It feels like I am done once I finish knitting one, but then I have to crochet the edging, knit the i-cord ties, weave in ends, and make a pom pom. Those things all seem like minor details, but when added up they take quite a bit of time. Currently, I have been procrastinating on that part of the process with about 5 hats.

Another thing that I need to do soon that I’ve been procrastinating on is creating and writing up different sizes of hats. So far I have an adult hat and a tiny infant hat. The infant hat is so cute, but I need to make some in-between sizes. It would help if I had some test models. Instead, I have been going by this Hat Size Chart from The baby hat turned out well, I think, and I think child sizes will, too.

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