Book two is finished!

binding magic cover jpg

 Coming soon: Dragons of Arethia Book Two: Binding Magic

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished the rough draft of Dragons of Arethia Book Two. It also has a title and a cover now! “Binding Magic” is the perfect title for the second book in this series, because it’s relevant on so many levels. I’m pretty proud of the cover, too. I’ve got a lot of editing ahead of me, but it is so relieving to have the book done.

Binding Magic is much, much longer than Tesa’s Journey, almost twice as long. I’m really hoping that people find it as enjoyable as they’ve found the first book. In editing, I might find that a lot of the book needs to be cut, but it might not. The book follows Tesa again as she adjusts to life in a large city along with her newfound abilities as a mage and becoming a dragon rider. Her dragon rider friends are all gone, searching for the kidnapped guard and dragon egg. Tesa’s attempts to make friends with the other dragon riders in training fall flat as she juggles dragon training and magic classes all while trying to solve the mystery of the symbols on the stones that Berick used to entrap her.

For now, I have to take a little break from the book and give myself some distance before I start editing. But while I do that, Chris is going to read through it for me and write down all of his comments and questions. My absolute favorite part about editing is printing out the manuscript and getting it bound at the UPS store. It’s so fun and official. When editing, I have to have the manuscript in paper form so I can write on it with pencil or red pens. There’s just something about it that’s more concrete than typing on a computer screen. I think it’s the visual learner in me.


Recently Amazon introduced the ability for self-pubbed authors to offer preorders of their ebooks. I am probably going to be experimenting with this option, so when Binding Magic is available for preorder, I will announce it here.

Physical, Paper Copies

I am also looking into the ability to sell paper copies of my books. I’ll be trying out CreateSpace, Amazon’s print-on-demand publishing & distribution service.  I’m pretty excited about this, too, and I know I will be the first one to order a physical copy of my books, just to hold them in my hands.