Web site update and book update!

New site design.

It wasn’t how I expected to spend my Sunday, but yesterday I revamped my web page. I noticed that something was broken with the header on my page, and attempts to update WordPress and my theme did not fix it. Since I had been wanting to try on a new WordPress theme sooner or later anyway, I decided to spend my effort on that instead of trying to fix the bug. One thing I wanted to do with my site was to make the main page reflect my books more and to be more of an author page. I think I’ve accomplished that, while also keeping the blog as part of the site.

Fate of Dragons finished.

I finally finished Fate of Dragons. The rough draft is printed and I’ve begun the editing process. I’m hoping to get this done as soon as possible. I’d thought about putting it up for pre-order on Amazon, like I did with Binding Magic while I was editing that, but I’ve decided to hold off for now. I’ve recently heard several stories of authors who uploaded their final draft by the preorder due date, only to have Amazon still send out the rough draft (required to create the preorder) on the release date. So I’m not sure I want to take that risk.