Knitting is back in my life

For the first three Wednesdays in November, I taught a knitting class that I had committed to before I’d injured my wrist. I hadn’t canceled, because I’d hoped that my wrist would no longer be in pain. By the night of the first class, my wrist was doing much better for a long time, but I wasn’t totally pain free. However, I was still able to knit with my students (with lots of breaks for stretching), and I vowed not to knit again until the next week’s class. Gradually, I was able to add in more and more knitting, and while I still have a very very tiny bit of lingering pain, knitting in moderation is not making it worse anymore. That means….knitting is back!

It’s hard to express how much this means to me, but if you’re a knitter or have any other craft you’re passionate about, you probably know. Making things with my hands isn’t just something I enjoy. It’s something I need to do. While I rested my hands form knitting, I tried spinning, weaving, sewing, and adult coloring. Only adult coloring brought me into the same restful, meditative state that I enjoy from knitting, probably because it didn’t require me to commit large chunks of time and I didn’t have to focus on learning new skills. But it still didn’t scratch the itch for knitting and creating fabric out of yarn with sticks. So I’m so glad I can knit again, and I vow to take better care of my wrists from now on!

  • Curent project on the needles: the Marple Dress by Taiga Hillard.
  • Yarn: Hempathy by Elsebeth Lavold
  • Needles: Size 4 bamboo circulars, 24″ from Hiya Hiya.
  • Notes: I made this in green this spring, but I made the 18 month size and it’s STILL too big for Astrid, even though she’s wearing 18 month sized clothes from the store now. The knitting is just so stretchy. So now I’m making the 12 month size and I think it’ll be just right.