So much to knit, so little time!

Ever since I started working at Yarn Harbor in January, it’s been a pretty nonstop flood of inspiration just being there. Every day there are probably five different projects that I wish I could cast on for right away. Unpacking boxes of yarn, seeing the customer’s projects, perusing the latest magazine or book of patterns, it all just makes me want to buy ALL THE YARN.

If I thought it was bad now, well, it’s about to get worse. The fall yarn stocking has begun, and we got four big boxes yesterday.

The worst part? My wrist is still hurting. Or maybe I should say hurting again. Because it got better for awhile, or almost all the way better, so I thought it would be okay to knit for awhile one night. Boy, was that a mistake.

So I’m back at the sewing machine. It’s too bad, though, because lots of things are not portable like knitting is. I was so so sad when we went to join some friends at a cabin on the north shore on Sunday, and I couldn’t bring knitting for the hour long drive.

Photo Aug 25, 11 10 58 AMI made another top for Astrid. This time it’s the blouse version of the Polly Peasant Dress by Sew Much Ado. When I finished it, I got suddenly worried that it would be too short, because I was so used to what the dress looked like. But when she woke up from her nap and I tried it on? Perfect.

I’m thinking about adding embroidery or patch pockets or something, because it doesn’t feel quite complete to me. I love the fabric, and I have more of it, because it was supposed to have been a skirt for me. I’m going to make the Big Butt Baby Pants with it next.