Dragons of Arethia Book Three: Fate of Dragons

Photo Sep 02, 2 48 46 PMIt’s been awhile since I had a book-related post. The book is still chugging along, but progress is slower than I hoped. I have a daily word count goal in my head always, but some days I just have to settle for the goal of writing something every day.

This is the view from my writing couch today. My wrist is beginning to heal from my knitting-induced injury, I think. This is good news, because typing has also been aggravating it, so I’ve been hand writing instead while I rest my wrist. It makes it a bit more challenging to keep track of my word count. I don’t want this injury to be any more drawn out than it already has been!

In a newsletter, I originally had said that Fate of Dragons would be ready for release in early fall. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to be a little longer than that. Things in the plot aren’t unfolding as fast as I thought they would. Certain scenes are ending up requiring more elaboration. I can only hope the wait will be worth it.

After many tries, I finally came up with a blurb/description that I like:

Dragons and their riders protect Arethia’s borders and keep peace within the land, along with the mages who work alongside them. Nobody knows why, but only women can bond with dragons to be their riders. But now, the dragons have been kidnapped by a mage who wants to change that, and the remaining dragon riders have to find out where he’s taken them. Arethia’s safety is now left to the mages, and Karume mages using the forbidden bound magic begin creeping into Arethia while the search for the missing dragons is stalled.  Can Tesa and her friends bring the dragons back to Arethia before it’s too late? Will the Karume change the way magic is used in Arethia forever?

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