On Hold

The blog has been on hold for quite a while. Soon I will have a little bit more time to keep it up. The transition from my old blog to this new one has not gone well for it, since I stopped writing in it! Oops.

I am currently juggling four different part-time jobs, each with varying time commitments. Two of them both involve working at the same two schools, so it is kind of like I have one full time job, except I have to very carefully track what projects I am working on during which chunks of time so that I know which time sheet to count my time on.

I tried to find a photo on my phone to include on this post, but all I could find were photos of my cats and dog. So I will include one of those. I really need to take more pictures during my daily life. I even have knitting that I could share, but I have no pictures of it.

That is it for now. I am back. I will blog more often, I promise. 🙂


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