Summer linen lace stole

After a spate of hot and humid days, we had a sudden change in weather yesterday, with gusty winds and overcast, but not rainy, skies. I’m not a person who appreciates hot weather much, so the winds were especially welcome for me. The dimmed sunlight and refreshing breeze kept reminding me of autumn, and I found myself looking forward to it as I always do. I have a long list of knitting projects planned for fall, probably too many to actually knit.

Photo Jun 18, 11 17 51 AMI have so much knitting inspiration, and then I went and did something stupid. I had been knitting a lot, and I felt my wrists start to hurt a little bit. Just a bit of soreness, until it wasn’t. Until it was too much pain, and now I can’t knit. I should’ve known better than to keep knitting; this has happened to me enough times before. On the plus side, I am learning what kinds of knitting and needle sizes are harder on my hands.┬áThen I can be conscious to vary my knitting time between different types of projects.

So I’ll take this non-knitting time and update some of my projects on Ravelry and here on the blog.

My biggest project this summer so far was the stole I knit for myself to wear in my stepsister’s wedding. I was itching to use Quince and Co’s linen yarn, Sparrow, ever since my LYS started carrying it. When I saw the color palette for the bridesmaid’s dresses (we all wore a different color), I knew exactly which yarn to use.

Photo Jun 18, 11 18 41 AMI wanted to knit lace, but I also had a time limit, so I knew that the bulk of the project should be simple. I started with the lace leaf pattern all the way across, then gradually eliminated repeats. I really like how it turned out! The drape of the linen yarn is wonderful, just what I was hoping for. This was really a pleasure to knit.

I do plan to write up the pattern at some point, but not until I finish writing my book.