Squirrel baby sweater and novel progress

Baby Sweaters

I’m almost done with lots of things! First, I’m almost done with this baby sweater. It’s called All in a Nutshell and it’s available for free on Ravelry. The knitting part is all done, I just have to weave in the ends, block it, and put on buttons. I could have been done with it months ago, but I stopped when I got to the sleeves and let it sit for too long. So I have only knit Astrid two sweaters, despite starting knitting early in the pregnancy. Now I have another sweater in mind, the Sunnyside cardigan. I have a skein of sock yarn that I was going to knit socks for myself with, but one day I was thinking about how Astrid will need more sweaters in a couple of months, and that yarn was sitting right in front of me. I browsed Ravelry for some patterns, and luckily one skein of sock yarn is enough to knit a 3 month sized baby sweater!

IMG_5711 IMG_5705

Writing and Baby Wearing

I have now written 71,000 words in my novel, the second book in the Dragons of Arethia series. That’s the longest book I’ve ever written, and it’s still going! The action is ramping up, though, and things are coming to a head. Today I wrote 2,500 words. Normally, 1,000 words per day is my goal. How did I write so many today? I learned how to wear Astrid in her Moby wrap so that she can nurse and I can have my hands free! I wore her all day today, and I’m still wearing her as I type.

One problem in the evenings is that she’ll fall asleep nursing, but when I try to move her she wakes up and fusses and wants to nurse all over again, but then just falls asleep right away. In the wrap, she can fall asleep and stay asleep, because I don’t have to move her! This evening has been the first in a long while where I’ve been able to do anything but hold the baby and read books on my iPad. I even got to knit tonight.

I discovered the website wrapyourbaby.com and it is an excellent resource for learning different ways to use wraps! It’s been a very happy day.

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