Learning WordPress and Web Development

I have been working on a bunch of projects lately, and one of those projects has been completing some web development courses that I started a couple years ago. At the beginning of the pandemic, I felt I was mostly treading water, keeping in place, but ever since this spring, I’ve had a little more mental energy to devote to extra things. I was able to complete a responsive web development course, a WordPress development course, and a JavaScript fundamentals course. I’m feeling pretty good about what I’ve accomplished, and I even have a great portfolio page to show for it. 

Now that I have the basic skills under my belt, I’m ready to work on projects that will help me dive deeper and get more experience with those skills. I’m going to be working on redesigning this blog at some point, and am currently working on a WordPress child theme for my portfolio page. On top of that, though, I’m looking for clients! I would love to take on a new web development project, or help update or maintain your current website, and if you’re one of my first clients, I will be offering my services at a discount. 

Take a look at my portfolio page for an idea of what I can do, and contact me if you’re interested in working with me! I’ll have a questionnaire to get an idea of what kind of project you’re looking for, and I will make a quote based on your answers.