I finished a new fantasy book! Dragons and mysteries and rats!

Last month I finished my most recent novel, which has been a few years in the making. The picture at left is of my printed out manuscript. This time, I made a cover for it! I just used a free dragon coloring page from this site for the image on the front. The novel is set in Arethia, the same as my Dragons of Arethia trilogy, and stars Keveren Auberell as the main character, a 13-year-old girl who finds herself involved in a mystery involving jewelry thefts, fires, and missing people and creatures. There are also pet rats as sidekicks, which I have been wanting to include in a story for a long time. I love pet rats, but have unfortunately developed an allergy to them, so I have to live through my stories I guess.

My plan is for this to be the first book in a series, with Keveren (Kev) as the main character. It’s meant to be like a mystery series in a fantasy setting, with lots of room to explore more of the world of Arethia and opportunities to meet dragons and other magical creatures. I’m currently in the midst of the editing process, and I’m thinking I’ll be able to put the book up for preorder fairly soon. I’m so excited to be publishing again!