Binding Magic, Dragons of Arethia Book Two

Binding Magic has been released! It seems like forever since I started it, and it has been a very long time. I’ve started working on the third book in the Dragons of Arethia series, and I hope it won’t take as long as Binding Magic took. It’s pretty safe to say that it won’t, though, since I no longer have a full time job. However, Astrid does her best to make up for that.

I do have a part time job, though. In a yarn shop! I actually have some time to knit sometimes too now that I’m not working so much. I expect to be having a lot more knitting-related blog posts soon.

For awhile now, I’ve known that book three would be called “The Mages of Yennar Lei.” So some of it will be taking place in Yennar Lei, to the south of Arethia. There’s a whole new country of world building to do, and I’m trying something new. I’m making a pin board for the third book. Check it out here.

I will also have some more short stories to post here soon, for free. Soon!

Here’s a photo of the little baby sweater I knit for my cousin’s baby shower.


And here’s me and Astrid taking a selfie. We used the front-facing camera, and she liked seeing faces on the phone. At 5 months old, she’s too young to realize it’s herself. 🙂