Sticks and Scribbles, my new blog.

My name is Nikki, and this is my new blog, Sticks and Scribbles. I used to blog at Nikki’s Notebook, but I decided it was time to buy a domain name and have my own self-hosted site.

Explaining the origin of the name Sticks and Scribbles will probably give the best idea of what I want this blog and site to be. When I started Nikki’s Notebook, I intended for it to be a knitting and fiber arts blog. It didn’t take very long for other parts of my life to become incorporated, like other crafts, recipes I’d made, or just pictures of things I did. So I conceived of a new site, one that encompassed everything I wanted to write about. I also wanted a place dedicated to my fiction writing. I came up with the name “Sticks and Scribbles” because I use sticks, like knitting needles, in so many of my crafts, and because scribbles alludes to writing.

Long story short, it’s a personal blog about writing, knitting, other crafts, books, and anything else I think is worth sharing with the world. My goal is to share, inspire, and learn.

In addition to starting this new blog, I’m also starting a couple of new jobs this September. In honor of new beginnings, I went out and bought two planners. One is to keep track of all work-related stuff. The other is to keep track of my writing goals and projects. I hope that, just like this new site, they will inspire me to work hard and stick to my goals!

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