As an independent author, I am pretty excited about all of the opportunities that independent publishing offers. Now, I want to help other writers indie publish too. Take a look at my services below to see if I can help you with your project.

Ebook Formatting

You’ve finished your book and you’re ready to publish it as an ebook. How do you get it from your Word document to your reader’s Kindle, phone, or tablet? There are a lot of methods to convert Word documents to ebook files, but the most reliable way to get a clean, consistent, professional ebook is to style and format with HTML and CSS. I will format your ebook and convert it to Kindle and ePub formats. You’ll have a clean, professional ebook free of glitches and errors so your readers can focus on enjoying your story.

WordPress Website Creation

As an author, a website is an essential tool for marketing and for connecting with your readers. A self-hosted WordPress website gives you a place to display your books, build a platform, and create a blog. An added benefit of a WordPress site vs. a static website is that you can update it yourself once it’s built. I will create your author (or other) website using WordPress and help you get started building your web presence on your terms.

Email me at for an estimate on your ebook or website project.